Start of the 2023 field tests for the AsperCut

These first tests in a rainy, windy and sunny weather demonstrated the machine robustness, its adaptation to a demanding environment and its technical functions.

Here is a first video showing the AsperCut self-guidance and the management of the plastic cover.
Just contact us for more images and information.

The AsperCut is supported by French government and EU program. Call for investors.

We’re happy to announce Sylektis has been selected for this national program. It will help financement of the project to offer a new solution to farmers.
A new major milestone for the AsperCut development.

Interested by a project meaningfull for our future, for our food supply and for positive environmental impact ? Just join the adventure. We are looking for investors to support our project and to help us to offer new solutions for our farmers.

Testimony of Mr P. Sigrist

Philippe Sigrist, asparagus specialist in « Planete Legume » and technical advisor in « chambre d’agriculture d’Alsace ».

Testimony following the AsperCut tests carried to Sessenheim (Alsace) on May 20th 2022.

  • Sylektis : Hello Philippe Sigrist,
    You just discovered the AsperCut and the Sylektis team.
    What do you think about Sylektis strategy and the AsperCut concept presented ?
  • P. Sigrist : The strategy is addressing a real increasing issue. The white asparagus harvest is needing a huge local or foreign workforce. And it’s a hard work. For these reasons any robot or solution to help to harvest is welcome. It’s also interesting to see a french start-up is working on such project.
  • Sylektis : You’re one of the first to see the AsperCut on field. What are your first impressions of this prototype ?
  • P Sigrist : Sylektis is starting its adventure. They need to consolidate this concept to different landscape. Further steps have to achieved but the basis is here.
  • Sylektis : The lack of manpower and the painful work to harvest asparagus are a reality. Do you think the AsperCut can become a solution for farmers in a near future ?
  • P Sigrist : Yes indeed, it’s more and more difficult to recruit manpower. And the cost is continuing to increase year after year. It’s the reason why the AsperCut has the assets to find its place in the farms in the coming years.

Thank you Philippe for your hospitality in Alsace. See you next year !