Simply harvest

Our mission

Sylektis is designing, building and selling a new robot to harvest white asparagus and to help for other agricultural tasks.

Our innovation is an answer to the food sovereignty by supporting farmers to produce locally.

Our solution

« To harvest white asparagus Sylektis designed a new robot : the AsperCut »

Robust, the AsperCut is designed to harvest all size of fields.

Up to 500 asparagus per hour, it’s the AsperCut targeted harvest.

Fully electric or hybrid, the AsperCut can be equipped with solar panels.

With a radio control for manual mode and an automatic harvest mode, the AsperCut is easy to use.

Our commitments

« Focused to bring futureproof solutions to farmers, we are committed to consider environmental impacts to all our innovations. »


To design environmental friendly solutions.


To provide easy, robust and fit to the needs robots.

Food sovereignty

To provide solutions to relocate productions


To ease the harvest activities to increase the agriculture attractivity.

Our values




Our supports

This project is supported by the French government « future boost program » and the European « Next Gen plan ».